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Jul 10

Beside collecting shells, people watching is my favorite beach activity. You just never know.
Three guys caught my eye, and not in the beachy eye-candy way. I guess they were in their late-40’s/mid-50’s, making their way to the water, and each were what I call “home grown” (think Paula Deen’s cooking). What made me keep looking at this good ol’ boy trio? They were standing oddly close to each other. Touching close. Three sweaty, half naked, middle-aged men, hugged up with each other, working their way through the sand to the ocean. Strange.

When they made it to the place where the waves broke on the shore, the one in the middle sat down. He had only one leg.

It seems he wanted to cool off in the waves, but could not make it down there on his own. I scanned higher on the beach and spotted an electric scooter- with wheels able to ride on the sand. Cool!

Waves crashed into the sitting man, spinning him around, knocking him over. The two friends stood behind him to bolster him, they sat him back up, and got knocked over themselves. All the while the three laughed like young boys!

After only a few minutes, the friends helped the man to stand. Apparently, it was just too much to be so vulnerably tossed about by the breaking waves. But instead of making their way back to the scooter, they went farther into the ocean! There the three friends stood, supported by each other, enjoying the crisp coolness of the rising and falling water while the summer beach sun browned their backs.

I hope I am a friend like that. To faithfully stand beside and support when life beats down. I am truly thankful for my precious friends that pick me up and laugh with me when I feel tossed about.

Since reading Bob Goff’s book Love Does, I have been more aware of people doing love. Have you seen someone in action who believes that love DOES?

Those three guys- I took their pic with my phone (Judge if you must…. I take lots of pics of random people. I may have one of you.). Or look below for true friendship in action.

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

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  • Susi says:

    Wow, that’s friendship!!!! How great you managed to capture that moment!

    • Gigi says:

      I thought it was a pretty incredible example of friendship too!! Thanks for taking the time to comment! πŸ™‚

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