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Oct 24

Self-Care for the Wounded Soul

By Steve Austin | faith , Mental Health , Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from a Suicid... , Recovery from Abuse , Recovery from Porn Add... , Religious Recovery

If you have ever felt hopeless, if you have ever believed that all the bad things in your life were beyond redemption, if you have ever felt unworthy of being loved or accepted, if you have ever feared what would happen if people found out whatever it is that haunts you – I get it. I have been there, too. Maybe you are recovering from abuse, addiction, or a suicide attempt like me. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety or depression and don’t know why yet. No matter what your starting point is, the tools in brand-new book, Self-Care for the Wounded Soul: 21 Days of Messy Grace will help you begin to answer the question, “Now what?”

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Aug 04

How I Found Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse

He only took my innocence. Only. That’s one heck of a word. It was only a loss of innocence. A loss of childhood. A loss of security. A loss of comfort. That one moment rippled out for decades. So much loss. So much lost.
But a friend of mine, another victim of abuse, said something to me recently that changed my life forever.

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Jul 06

Why I Stopped Hating the Church

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Featured , Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church , This is My Story (series)

Anyone who says church hurts are no big deal has no idea what they’re talking about. I was deeply wounded by the church and threw stones at her for a decade.
These days, I am blessed to belong to a church I love. But learning to engage the church again has been a long journey. Here’s why I stopped hating the church…

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Jun 29

Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery: This is My Story

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse , Recovery from Porn Add...

I remember it like it happened this morning, every nasty detail. His name was Jeremy and he lived across the street. He was a teenager. He seemed like a giant at the time. He was big and strong and took advantage of me. This was not just two kids experimenting, which is common. He knew what he was doing. He knew he was wrong.

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May 19

I was molested. How to overcome the trauma of abuse.

By Guest Blogger | faith , Family , Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse , This is My Story (series)

*Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of child molestation.* To be a christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God forgave the inexcusable in you. -C.S. Lewis I was twelve when my dad left my mom. To be honest, I really don’t remember what life was like before the divorce. I don’t remember the […]

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Apr 28

Was it Abuse? I Think So. Because it Left a Scar.

By Guest Blogger | Best of Messy Grace , faith , lgbtq , Recovery from Abuse , The Struggle With Church

It happened at a church basketball team lock-in. Coach Mills had made us shower one at a time while he sat and watched us. It didn’t feel strange because there was only one shower in the gym for us to use. What was strange was the way he looked at us. Another kid Joey was on the basketball team too. Before we went to bed, Joey said to me, “That was weird.”

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Apr 24

On Target and How I’m Parenting Through Controversial Issues

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Family , lgbtq , Parenting , Recovery from Abuse

When abuse is your first memory, it colors who you are.
I was molested when I was a preschooler, and it has rippled through my life ever since. The “predator” was a 17-year-old kid who lived across the street. And knew my family well.

Abuse happens. It is scary and horrific and life changing, and we victims are all terrified it will happen to our children the way it happened to us.

But we have to be honest about where abuse happens. It is so very very rarely a stranger in a public restroom.

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