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Raped but Not Destroyed: Recovery from My Worst Day
Feb 09

Raped but Not Destroyed: Recovering from My Worst Day

By Guest Blogger | My Very Worst Day (series) , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse

I could write an altogether exhausting essay on how at seventeen I was raped – how I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and his two friends, in an act of violence and an act most definitely not consensual. Or I could write an essay on how that same night when I was at my […]

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Technology and The Worst Day of My Life
Feb 02

Technology and The Worst Day of My Life

By Guest Blogger | faith , My Very Worst Day (series) , Recovery

​I remember the day like it was yesterday, the excitement and anxiety. I was plagued with anticipation, my hands were sweaty, and my heart was racing. What would this day be like? What would transpire on the days that followed? I had questions, I had reservations, but I was going all-in. However, this particular day […]

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He Left Me in the Midst of Mental Anguish
Jan 12

He Left Me in the Midst of Mental Anguish

By Guest Blogger | Anxiety , Depression , Family , Marriage , Mental Health , My Very Worst Day (series) , Parenting , Recovery

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”-Ernest HemingwayThe worst day of my life was the day my husband left me.He walked out on the anniversary of the day he first asked me out, twelve years earlier. We were sixteen then – high school sweethearts. When he walked out, we […]

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Jan 09

Podcast: How to Heal Your Hurts

By Steve Austin | catching your breath , Grief , podcast , Recovery

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z4rub-cecf8a Welcome to Episode 37 of Catching Your Breath: The Podcast, with Steve Austin. If you listen to this episode in its entirety, you will gain 10 ways to start letting go of emotional pain, plus I’ll share my Survivor’s Manifesto with you, and tell you all about how you can sign up for my […]

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How to Heal Your Hurts
Jan 06

Free Course: How to Heal Your Hurts

By Steve Austin | Anxiety , Best of Messy Grace , Courses , Depression , Mental Health , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse , self-care , Self-help

​Are you ready to find healing from emotional pain? Join my free Heal Your Hurts Course toay!Then join me for this brand-new, ​FREE e-course!Heal Your Hurts CourseI’ll teach you ​how to release the physical, mental, and emotional pain that keeps you stuck in a world of hurt.The FREE step-by-step process to go from pain to […]

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Feb 06

A Spiritual Misfit’s Journey: Faith Like Lego’s

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Family , Messy Grace , Parenting , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

My little boy is a Lego-maniac. He’s only six-years-old, but he’s got a brilliant imagination and is meticulous with the details. At least once a month, his grandmother takes him to a “build night” at the local Lego store. Forthe first few months, on build nights, Ben would get a small kit and follow the […]

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Nov 30

Following Jesus Out of the Evangelical Church

By Steve Austin | #ConfessYourChurchMess , Ask Steve Austin , Best of Messy Grace , Current Events , faith , lgbtq , Messy Grace , Millennials , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

In Episode 41 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve Austin talks with David P. Gushee, author of the brand-new book, Still Christian: Following Jesus Out of American Evangelicalism. Tony Campolo says, “Still Christian takes us on the journey of a Christian leader who endeavors to maintain his integrity while navigating his way from a rigid fundamentalism with its right-wing […]

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Oct 09

6 Mistakes When Reading about Women in the Bible

By Stepanie Long | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Family , Marriage , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

The false teaching that idolizes men, while subordinating and harming women has been allowed to run rampant in the Church in the name of “Biblical Gender Roles” for too long. This teaching reduces women to objects created by God as an afterthought to please and take care of men. It blames women when men lust […]

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