Exploring Grief: A Podcast Series (with Brandon Carleton)

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Sep 18

This is the paradox about suffering: The more we try to avoid it, the more painful it becomes.

From Brandon Carleton:

The more we welcome suffering into our lives, the easier it is to begin to heal. This is not to say that accepting it makes our suffering easy, our suffering is far from easy, but accepting it makes it easier. Even if it is just by a little.

Grieving requires sitting and dwelling in our sadness. Giving it space. Honoring it. These things are not natural for us to do, but what if could begin to see grief differently?

What if instead of hiding from our suffering we embraced it?

What if instead of hurrying to “get over it,” we sat in our sadness, pain, or hurt for a while?

What if we saw grief as something of value instead of simply an unfortunate side effect of being human?

What if we honored our sadness instead of thinking something is wrong with us for being sad?

Check out this quote by Cynthia Bourgeault, “Where suffering exists, and is consciously accepted, there divine love shines forth brightly.”

I’d like to invite you to listen to this important, 4-part series, “Exploring Grief” on my friend Steve Austin’s podcast, “Catching Your Breath.”


Episode 1: Why are we so bad at grieving?

In the first episode of our four episode series on grief, guest host Brandon Carleton sets the groundwork for the series by exploring why we find grieving so hard. Are we broken? Or have we been poorly trained? Brandon also reads a poem (you're going to love it) and offers a practical tip for those of us grieving.

​Episode 2: You heal when you’re heard.

In episode two of our four episode series on grief, guest host Brandon Carleton sits down with Sarah Stevens from the Beautifull Project to examine the power of making and holding space for people to grieve. Also, have you ever felt like you can't describe how you're feeling? Brandon offers a practical tip to help us develop our ability to put names to our emotions.

​Episode 3: Finding expression for your grief.

In episode 3 of Exploring Grief, we examine a letter written by Ram Dass to Steve and Anita who are grieving the loss of their daughter Rachel. This letter has become a resource for many who find themselves grieving. It's full of wisdom and grace, let's see what it has for us!

​Episode 4: Finding your new normal.

In the final episode of this "Exploring Grief" series, we talk with Scott Watkins who is a hospice chaplain. We ask Scott what life might look like a few years into the grieving process. We also read a Ute poem that can serve as a mantra for us as we move forward in the grieving process.

​You can connect with Brandon at: meaningfulagain.com.

We will be discussing each episode in the Catching Your Breath community on Facebook, you can join here.

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