Hi, I'm Steve Austin.

What I Do

I combine my formal training as a life coach (2017 graduate of Coach Training EDU), more than a decade of pastoral work, plus the latest in positive psychology and neuroscience to develop a step-by-step plan to help you heal your hurts, face your shame, and embrace mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

With my 100% personalized approach to integrated wellness, we'll work together to transform your life.

Using a compassionate, non-judgmental environment of encouragement and support, it usually starts with me helping you get crystal clear about what you really want right now.

Once we have a vision of what you want to accomplish, I'll help you process old wounds and break through any blocks that have you stuck (sometimes those blocks can last for years). From there, we'll begin to shift  your mindset in ways you never thought possible.

We're moving from fear to love. From shame to vulnerability. From chaos to calm.

My coaching typically takes place over Zoom (a free video conferencing app), but we can also do a good old fashioned phone call, or if you're local to Birmingham, we can meet in-person. The great thing about Zoom is it doesn't matter if you're in Seattle or Singapore, we can work together. No more waiting in traffic or the waiting room!

What Differentiates Me and My Coaching from Others?

A Personal Touch

No one likes working with a professional on an issue and feeling like they're just another number, or like they have a dollar sign over their head.

For me, coaching isn't just a service, or something I do...it's a relationship. I treat every client like I want to be treated: with dignity, respect, and integrity.

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is vital to to developing a strong coaching relationship. When you engage with any professional, you should never feel hesitant to communicate with them.

Professional Training

Anyone can call themselves a coach. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unqualified coaches out there who have never invested the time, money, and energy into being professionally trained. Most of them aren't even actively being coached themselves.

When it comes to my practice, I combine college coursework, ministerial training, plus coach training to deliver an integrated approach to wellness. Work with me and you'll have a professional ally in your corner, committed to your success.

Are We a Good Fit? (Take the Quiz and Find Out!)

We'll Work Together and You'll See Positive Results if...

  • You're open-minded and ready for change.
  • You're willing to do the work.
  • You are tired of drowning in a sea of negativity, and are ready to live a life of freedom and purpose.

Next Steps

If you've honestly assessed your life and are ready to get to work, schedule a ​Soul Care Strategy Session with me today and save 50% on your first call - just $47. Here's the link.

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Steve Austin was a pastor when he nearly died by suicide. Years of performance-based Christianity taught Austin to sweep the pain of childhood sexual abuse, plus the shame of PTSD, anxiety, and depression under the rug. When it came to his suffering, he believed it was best not to let anyone know about his secrets - especially church folks.

As a result, fear, shame, and guilt were Austin’s constant companions. Thankfully, a suicide attempt was not the end of his story.

When Austin realized his life wasn’t over, he set about figuring out how to embrace vulnerability by asking for professional help and sharing the uncomfortable truth about his story.

In short: he gave himself permission to be human for the very first time.

Since going public, Austin has learned that countless others are desperate to live an authentic life, too. These days, he helps hurting people find an integrated approach to wholeness, including mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Since 2012, Austin has written several books, including: From Pastor to a Psych Ward, and Catching Your Breath. His work has been featured in USA Today, Huffington Post, Relevant, and other outlets. He has become a leading voice at the intersection of faith and mental health.

Today, Austin consults church leaders around the U.S. on how to make their faith communities a safe place for people who are suffering.

He also hosts the Catching Your Breath podcast, blogs regularly at catchingyourbreath.com, and is a sought-after speaker at international conferences.

Austin lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife Lindsey, and their two kids. In his free time, Austin binge-watches Netflix like it's his j-o-b, and loves all things peanut butter and chocolate.

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