From Pastor to a Psych Ward, by Steve Austin

​From Pastor to a Psych Ward

​​I was a pastor when I nearly died by suicide.

Thankfully, a suicide attempt wasn't the end of my story.

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"The book provides an insightful look at what leads some of us to ponder and attempt suicide, and I recommend it for anyone who is looking to learn more about the feelings behind depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation."

-Good Men Project

"This is a touching book that deals with a topic most people don't admit. The author shares tidbits from his past to declare the power of forgiveness that only comes through trusting God. We will all go through diverse temptations and trials as we live this life of faith...I recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement and motivation to continue living."

-Reader's Favorite Reviews

"The book goes beyond the trauma story to deal with personal faith in an unexpected way. Not preachy. Very accessible to readers of any--or no--faith. Steve overcomes oppressive and shameful aspects of his religion, and manages to find a faith that incorporates recovery and authenticity."

​-Amazon Review

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