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Pastors and Suicide: How Do We Keep this From Happening Again?
Sep 14

Suicide Prevention for Pastors

By Steve Austin | Anxiety , Depression , faith , Mental Health

With Pastor Jarrid Wilson’s death by suicide, questions and comments have flooded my email and social media inboxes. Here’s one example, “I’m scared. Because there are people that I love who struggle with thoughts of suicide, and I don’t know what sets them apart from the Jarrid’s and the Andrew [Stoecklein]’s and the Amy [Bleuel]’s.” […]

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How to Help Pastors with Suicidal Thoughts
Sep 23

How to Help Pastors with Suicidal Thoughts

By Steve Austin | Anxiety , Best of Messy Grace , Depression , faith , Mental Health , Recovery , Recovery from a Suicid...

​​I nearly died by suicide on September 21, 2012​.The truth is, I’m not alone. Each day around the world, approximately 2,000 people believe they have reached the end of their rope, and die by suicide. And for each person who dies, another twenty-five will attempt. Yes, there are even pastors with suicidal thoughts.You might think […]

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Meet Steve Austin: The Pastor Who Nearly Died by Suicide
Jun 22

Pastor to Psych Ward: Recovery from a Suicide Attempt is Possible.

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Depression , faith , Mental Health , Messy Grace , Recovery , Recovery from a Suicid... , This is My Story (series)

My clients were concerned. When they couldn’t reach me, they called first my wife, and then the hotel. I was lying on my back, unconscious, covered in vomit, when the police and EMT’s found me. They thought it was a murder scene. Vomit covered the bed and the floor. It had projected up the wall behind me, and coated a massive picture that hung over the bed. Apparently the pink Benadryl pills, along with the tens of thousands of milligrams of other medication I took, created the effect of blood. I had been unconscious for a solid ten hours by then.

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