Do you feel surrounded by chaos, inside and out?

Are you longing to peel back the layers of fear, shame, and guilt so you can embrace your true self? Are you fed up with constrictive religion? Looking for a broader spirituality and a community of spiritual misfits who will welcome you with open arms? 

Chaos to Calm can help.

This free app is designed to help you love your life, find your value, and breathe a little deeper. 

If you struggle to love yourself, feel unworthy, and constantly beat yourself up, join me on the sacred journey from chaos to calm. Because until you believe you're worth it, you won't take care of yourself.

Ready to come up for air and breathe again?

Download the Chaos to Calm app today in the Google Play Store, or click here to download the web app to any computer or smart device. 

Take a look inside Chaos to Calm with this 90-second sneak peek!

5 Reasons You Should ​Download Chaos to Calm

  • You ​learn to practice good self-care daily​.
  • You get ​gentle nudges​ to slow down and take a deep breath, even for just a few minutes a day.
  • ​Daily affirmations. Plus self-reflection questions to help you significantly improve your self-worth & stop that negative self-talk.
  • Tons of support. ​We provide a safe, inclusive, affirming community to share who you really are. (You can even share photos, videos, and writing from inside the app!)
  • ​Belonging. In short, it’s a place to belong every single day, no matter what the rest of your life looks like.

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