​How to Cope With Inner Chaos:

​My Free 5-Day Guide for Facing Your Worry and Anxiety

Learn simple, practical ways to slow down, catch your breath, and be gentle with your mind.


  • Do you wish you didn't feel so overwhelmed?
  • ​Are you tired of feeling like you're wasting your life?
  • Has toxic theology left you suffocated by fear, shame, and guilt?
  • Are you desperate to believe God isn't merely tolerating you, but actually loves and likes you?

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​Church Consulting

I help church leaders evaluate and effectively approach the psychological safety ​of their congregation through active listening, designing a clear vision, and empowering the ministry team ​via strategic action.

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​Online Courses

​If you're ready to learn how to silence your inner-critic, practice self-care, and cultivate a courageous life of vulnerability, I'd be honored to partner with you.

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Free Course: How to Heal Your Hurts

This powerful course contains 7 free email lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey of healing from your emotional pain. A journey of figuring out how to move past the pain, rediscover how wonderful you really are, and overcome the obstacles to a life free from emotional trauma.

Meet Steve

Steve Austin is a writer, coach, podcaster, and former pastor whose work has been featured in USA Today, Huffington Post, Relevant, and other outlets.

Austin nearly died by suicide after secretly suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and he has become a leading voice at the intersection of faith and mental health.

Austin resides in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and two kids, and he loves all things peanut butter and chocolate.

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