Resolving to be an Extremist

By Steve Austin | faith

Jan 01

There are others in the Christian world who write blogs and books like me.  People who believe in the message of radical, messy grace.  Groups like “People of the Second Chance” and authors like William Paul Young, Brennan Manning, and Shane Claiborne.  These are folks who realize that none of us have it all together and we all need to be surrounded by a community of broken people.
There are others who would call people like me “extremists”; people who believe that the message of messy grace cheapens Christ’s work on the Cross if we give it away with no strings attached.  The idea that no one is beyond redemption and that grace is radical sends many people into a tizzy!  People who think they have it all together, often don’t see the need for grace that is messy and willing to get low.

There are Christians who are much more concerned with morality than Jesus.

More focused on rules than redemption.

More gripped by being good than by grace.

In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote:

“Was not Jesus an extremist for love: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Was not Amos an extremist for justice: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”…was not Martin Luther an extremist: “Here I stand I can do no other, so help me God.”….And Abraham Lincoln: “This nation cannot survive half slave and half free.”….So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice?…Perhaps the South, the nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.”

The world is in dire need of grace extremists: folks like you and me, willing to take grace to the hooker and the hustler, the drunk and the deacon, the perfectionist and the porn addict.

Will you join the Grace is Messy team to proclaim the Gospel of Second Chances, messy grace, and the unfailing love of Jesus Christ?

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Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.

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