3 Reasons My Daughter Will Never Date a Guy Like Trump

By Steve Austin | Current Events

Aug 24

Now that I have a daughter of my own, from time to time I think about the kind of boys she might like one day (when she’s 45, of course.)

3 Reasons My Daughter Will Never Date a Guy Like Trump

Now look, don’t go crazy on me. I’m not one of those anti-feminist, uber patriarchal dads. I’m just saying, I have ideas about the kind of guy I would prefer my daughter date.

There are lots of things I wouldn’t care about: I wouldn’t care if he was Auburn fan. And in Alabama, that’s a big deal. We could still watch the game together on Saturdays. If he happens to be a hunter or if he’s all into cars, he’d still be welcome in my artsy-fartsy home. We don’t have to have a ton in common in order for him to be welcome.

I wouldn’t even care if he showed up on our front steps with tattoos and a nose ring. I won’t be nearly as concerned with his outward appearance as I am his character and overall sense of decency.

I wouldn’t necessarily care about the guy’s politics or his religious affiliation. We don’t have to vote or even worship the same in order for someone to date my daughter.

But can I tell you what I do care about?

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