The Truth about Christianity and Meditation

By Steve Austin | Current Events

May 25

In Episode 16 of the CXMH Podcast, Reverend Ed Bacon joins us to discuss the truth about Christianity and meditation.

The Reverend Ed Bacon is a priest of the Episcopal Church (US Anglican) and a voice on issues of faith and justice for all. Until his retirement in May 2016 Bacon was rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California – a 4,000 member parish, with a reputation for energetic worship, and a progressive peace and justice agenda.

The author of 8 Habits of Love, Ed has been a regular guest host on Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Series on Oprah & Friends Radio, and a guest panelist in the Spirituality 101 segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s “Living Your Best Life” series. Ms. Winfrey recently named Ed Bacon a “Soul Teacher” on her “SuperSoul 100” list, a collection of “100 awakened leaders who are using their voices to elevate humanity.”

In this powerful episode, we also talk about love, mindfulness, stillness, and what it means to live in the House of Love vs. the House of Fear.

The Truth about Christianity and Meditation

Half an hour’s daily meditation is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.
– Saint Francis de Sales

How often do you pray? Is your prayer life effective? Are you one of those wacky folks (like me) who meditates daily? Do you have a “prayer chair”, like Ed? What’s your typical spiritual practice? Do you have spiritual habits? Email me back and share your story!

Check out Episode 16 of the CXMH Podcast for the Truth about Christianity and Meditation!

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