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Christians! Do you have questions for God?

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”― Shannon L. Alder

Christians! Do you have questions for God?

I’m a Christian, but I’ve had questions for God for many years. My wondering started way back in high school. The familiar questions and answers about faith and life and theology and church and all that just never really worked for me. I needed more.

It’s only been in the past year that I have really started embracing the questions, and embracing myself. Not necessarily finding answers, but being okay with that, too.

In Episode 12 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, I dive into several questions for God from my friends on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #questionsforgod.

Here’s some questions for God:

  • Just tell me am I in or out?
  • Why did you make me bipolar?
  • Why did he let my infant nephew die? Why someone so innocent with all the evil in the world?
  • I guess I’d ask why He allows sometimes the unthinkable to happen?
  • My wife was molested by her brother for the first 8 years of life. Why didn’t God do something if he loves her?
  • Why does God refuse to intervene in tragedy or suffering?
  • Why, when I cried out hardest for God & begged & pleaded for Him, did He turn His back, abandon me, leave me to my own devices?
  • Are you truly all-powerful?
  • If you’re so Divine, why were we taught that we’re born broken?

In this episode, I talk about questions, faith, doubt, and the power of wonder. You can click here to listen right now.

What about you? Do you have #questionsforgod? If this episode goes over well, I’ll likely host a follow-up. Leave your questions for God in the comments, if you dare. Yours might be featured in a upcoming episode of the #AskSteveAustin podcast.

I look forward to this dialogue!

Click here to listen to Episode 12 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast: #QuestionsForGod – The Power of Wonder

By Steve Austin

Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.