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3 Powerful Free Tools to Help Your Anxiety Right Now

I don't actually know a single person who hasn't already been impacted by the Coronavirus. Whether you're ill with the virus, know someone who is, or simply feel the fear that seems to permeate every conversation these days, this pandemic is dominating everything we do right now. That's precisely why I'm sharing these three powerful free tools to help your anxiety right now.

3 Powerful Free Tools to Help Your Anxiety Right Now

First, my 5-Day Guide for Facing Your Stress, Worry, and Anxiety. 

With every phone call, social media post, and breaking news headline focusing on the very real threat of Coronavirus, we have to be intentional and vigilant with our self-care. This free 5-day email-based course will help. If you'd like to learn simple, practical ways to slow down, catch your breath, and be gentle with your mind, this is the resource for you.

My 5-Day Guide for Facing Your Stress, Worry, and Anxiety includes:

  • My Anxiety Manifesto

  • The Stress Wheel of Life

  • Controlling Worry Checklist

  • The Complete Journal I Use to Track My Daily Anxiety

Sign up for this free 5-day e-course by clicking here.

Second, My Amazon Bestseller, Catching Your Breath.

I published this book in 2018 for anyone who feels completely overwhelmed by life, and is desperate for permission to come up for air and learn to breathe again. 

From the back cover:

What if you could experience a new level of freedom, strength, healing, and energy? Too many people are overwhelmed and holding onto deep suffering, unable to catch their breath in a world that tells them to fake it till they make it. As the pressure of fear, pain, anxiety, and anger build, sooner or later these individuals are going to explode—just like bestselling author and life coach Steve Austin did. That’s no way to live. 
With deep honesty, hilarious true stories, and refreshingly straight talk, Austin shares his personal journey from crippling anxiety and perfectionism to calm amid life’s inevitable chaos. He pulls no punches, revealing his darkest moments and the thoughts most people would be too afraid to admit. Yet he offers hope. In these powerful pages, you’ll find simple ways to cultivate calm and practice self-care while living courageously and authentically. Discover how to come up for air and breathe again.

​To encourage and inspire you during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I'​m releasing the entire audiobook of Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm, absolutely free.

Click here to start listening right now.

And finally, my Catching Your Breath Toolkit.

My typical life coaching clients are desperate to find ways to embrace their mental, spiritual, and emotional health. The assessments, worksheets, and action guides I’m including in this brand-new “Catching Your Breath Toolkit” are my twenty favorite resources to share with folks on the sacred journey from chaos to calm.

And the best part? You don’t have to pay a dime to download it.

The “Name Your Price” model I’ve set for this toolkit allows you to use it like an online “tip jar.” If you have a few bucks to spare and you find these resources helpful, feel free to donate. If you don’t have a dime to spare, PLEASE download it anyway. This is simply my way to love my neighbor in this unprecedented time of heightened stress, worry, and anxiety.

The Catching Your Breath Toolkit includes:

  1. My Amazon bestseller, Catching Your Breath. (e-book)

  2. The Catching Your Breath study guide.

  3. Stress Wheel of Life Worksheet

  4. 50 Simple Stress-Relieving Strategies Action Guide

  5. Am I Depressed? Assessment

  6. Depression Checklist

  7. Living with Depression and Anxiety Action Guide

  8. Depression Solutions Worksheet

  9. Depression Safety Plan Worksheet

  10. Depression Recovery Worksheet

  11. Self Care Assessment

  12. Proactive Path to Self Care Action Guide

  13. Handling Emotional Triggers Effectively Action Guide

  14. Healing Painful Childhood Memories Through Journaling Action Guide

  15. Anxiety Self Assessment

  16. Reducing Anxiety Meditation (mp3)

  17. Anxiety Journal Worksheet

  18. Beating Worry and Anxiety Action Guide

  19. Anxiety and Unresolved Issues Action Guide

  20. Serenity Checklist

Download the Catching Your Breath Toolkit by clicking right here.

By Steve Austin

Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.