How Authenticity Changed One Woman’s Life

By Steve Austin | catching your breath

Mar 22

The Case for Authenticity

We can be ourselves or not, as we please. We are at liberty to be real, or to be unreal. We may be true or false, the choice is ours. We may wear now one mask and now another, and never, if we so desire, appear with our own true face. But we cannot make these choices with impunity.

– Thomas Merton, abridged and adapted from New Seeds of Contemplation

I want to tell you a story about a life coaching client I worked with named Sara. 

Just like you, Sara struggled with the tension between her true self and her false self. She’d always been the good girl, the rule follower, the one who never asked questions or went against the flow. 

After graduating from college, she started to have lots of questions about life, relationships, and (most important) her faith. She couldn’t figure out how to make any progress and they felt really STUCK. 

When I first met Sara, she was discouraged, frustrated, and just plain depressed. She’d been told what to think about everything from marriage to mental health to every tiny detail of her faith. Now that she was adjusting to living back home, navigating the real world, and falling in love with a new fella, she was feeling lots of internal turmoil - but wasn’t even sure what questions to ask. 

The first thing I did was get Sara to take a deep breath as I let her in on a great big secret: you are not alone. We started reframing her understanding of God by looking at what she did NOT believe about God. Starting from this reference point, we could then begin to focus on what’s left. 
Case Study: How Authenticity Can Change Your Life

The joys of deconstruction. 

Brennan Manning said, “Real freedom is freedom from the opinions of others. Above all, freedom from your opinions about yourself.” That being said, I introduced Sara to the empowering idea that she gets to create the life she wants. 

When I say things like, “Thoughts become things,” and “Words become worlds,” it’s true. What you think about yourself is absolutely true (at least for the moment). 

As Sara began to deconstruct the lies she’d believed about herself (and God), she slowly began to filter through the pain, social constructs, and fear-based religion which was holding her captive.


Getting clear on who you are and what you believe about yourself and that which we call “God” involves lots of interpersonal dialogue, allowing you to finally embrace your true self for the very first time.

Hello, authenticity!


It’s one of the simplest, most POWERFUL ways to make progress in the areas of self-awareness and personal development.


When Sara put this to work, here’s what began to change:


  • She stopped being so afraid to think for herself.
  • She began to care less about the opinions of others.
  • She started to like herself, rather than just tolerate her existence.
  • Rather than feeling like “life is meaningless,” she began to find meaning in everyday life.


Suddenly, Sara was making real PROGRESS!


I want to encourage you to try this in your life as well. This may not change things overnight, but it will lead to MOVEMENT, and that’s what matters.


If you feel like you could use a little boost in this area...I’d LOVE to help. I’d love to see you make the kind of progress that Sara made in this area. So what do you say?

Let’s get you started on the journey to authenticity.

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Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.

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