Mar 13

Why I Want my Little Boy to Fail

By Steve Austin | Family , Parenting

Working in the public school setting the past several years has made me aware of many things: lunchroom food sucks (but if you get in good with the lunchroom ladies…they’ll hook you up) schools are dirty…I wash my hands until they’re cracked and chapped sneak in the women’s bathroom…it is always cleaner parents don’t want […]

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Jan 25

Trailer Trash

By Steve Austin | faith

My Dad owned a mechanic shop in our tiny, rural Alabama town. My Momma kept this kid whose Momma worked at the bank for $1/hr. Everyone was poor, unless they lived on the river. Or worked for Alabama Power. I wasn’t that lucky. We went to garage sales, not because my parents wanted to find […]

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Jan 17

Be Honest or Die

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Messy Grace , Recovery , Religious Recovery

Have you ever found God in an unlikely place? I didn’t plan to be sipping on orange juice, cranberry, and vodka while smoking a Macanudo  and reading Brennan Manning’s “All is Grace”. I didn’t plan it this way. Really. I didn’t plan to be doing all of this while enjoying a 50-degree sunset from Lookout […]

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Jan 07

This World is Cruel but God is Love.

By Steve Austin | Best of Messy Grace , faith , Messy Grace

I learned a great lesson about messy grace in a high school classroom. I’m eavesdropping on a high school conversation. An openly gay boy, talking to a girl who is eleven weeks pregnant. The boy asked, “How awkward was it [telling your parents]?” And she responded, “Daddy threw a couple of things and cussed me […]

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Dec 23

The Chaos of Christmas

By Steve Austin | faith

Have you ever thought about the chaos of the Christmas story? An unwed, pregnant teenage girl. A long road trip in a stinkin’ hoopty to pay the IRS. Farmers in a field, following something like a UFO to a far away land. Flea bag motel. Giving birth at the vet’s office. Sounds pretty chaotic, right? It was […]

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Dec 22

“You’re a rotter, Mr. Grinch! You’re the king of sinful sots!”

By Steve Austin | faith

He was a mistake from the very beginning. Brought about by a wrong wind… A mistake, but he didn’t start out bad. He started out innocent, but different. Nobody starts out evil. He was just like all the other Whos in Whoville…he just looked a little different. An eight-year-old with a beard. An outcast. Nobody […]

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Dec 06

Broken Is Better

By Guest Blogger | faith

Lilli held her freebie coloring book and box of 5 crayons she had gotten yesterday from the grocery store. “Do you want to color with me?” she asked. Of course I did. She opened to a double page that had not yet been colored. “This side is mine, this side is yours, Mommy.” Lilli shook […]

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