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Online Yardsale: How to Support My Trip to France
Jan 17

Online Yardsale: How to Support My Trip to France

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith , Mental Health , writing

​In 2020, every 40 seconds, someone around the globe will die by suicide. And for every 1 who dies, 25 more attempt. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Will you help me save lives this year?I’ve recently been accepted to a week-long writer’s residency in France. It’s an opportunity most writers only dream of: […]

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Your Chance to be Featured on My Blog
Jan 02

How to Share Your Story on My Blog

By Steve Austin | Featured , guest post , writing

​Ready to Share Your Story?​For the past few years, I’ve shared my story openly about my very worst day: believing the lie that I was a burden on my family, reading my Bible in a hotel room while writing my suicide notes, and eventually trying to end my life. But my story doesn’t end there. A […]

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Mar 19

The 1 Big Difference Between Secrets and Stories

By Steve Austin | writing

Secrets and stories. We’ve all got them. We’re bound together in a web of love and loss, triumph and failure, honesty and deceit, plus all the lies we tell ourselves. But the one thing that connects us all is the power of story.

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