Podcast: How to Heal Your Hurts

By Steve Austin | catching your breath

Jan 09


Welcome to Episode 37 of Catching Your Breath: The Podcast, with Steve Austin.

If you listen to this episode in its entirety, you will gain 10 ways to start letting go of emotional pain, plus I’ll share my Survivor’s Manifesto with you, and tell you all about how you can sign up for my brand-new free 7-day course called, “How to Heal Your Hurts.”


  1. How to Heal Your Hurts FREE Course.
  2. Mikala’s story of surviving an affair.
  3. Save 10% on therapy at betterhelp.com/catchingyourbreath.
  4. Support the show at patreon.com/iamsteveaustin.
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  6. Download my Survivor’s Manifesto for just $7.

About the Author

Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.

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