​14 Ways to ​Love Yourself Better

​What would your life be like if learned to love yourself better?

How would things change if you started ​treating yourself like a dear friend? ​After all, your attitude towards yourself shapes your daily reality. And that's not some new age "woo woo," it's true! Even the Bible says, "Take every thought captive." That's exactly why I'm offering you this free download with 14 Ways to Love Yourself Better.

Why? Because when you're not healthy, your thoughts lie to you. They tell you all kinds of terrible ​​things!

But they aren't true.
If you want to learn how to love yourself better, ​it starts by learning to be intentional with your self-talk​. Speak kindly to yourself and set boundaries with others. In doing so, you'll soon discover you have more strength and resilience to deal with difficult times. You may even find yourself attracting more affection from others when you love yourself ​better.

Accepting yourself and practicing self-compassion brings you closer to uncovering the truth of your being: you are a child of God, made in the image and likeness of God.​

Study these 14 ways to help you let go of judgements and ​​love yourself better today.

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