Hi. I'm Steve.

​I have come to know God best as I’ve recovered from a suicide attempt. Healing from the worst day of my life caused me to wrestle through the pain of becoming more authentic.

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A Little About Me

I’m a life coach and spiritual companion who believes in equality for all. I think anyone who wants a second chance should be met with messy grace. I’m passionate about an integrated approach to wholeness, including: mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

In short: I help overwhelmed people rebuild their self-worth & create a lifestyle of self-care.

Why I Do This

I’ve seen the ways that fear, shame, and guilt cause really great people to hustle for their worthiness. I’m sick of spiritual snake oil salesmen who don’t believe God is present with us in our suffering. I stand against religious bullies and political intimidation. I think get rich quick schemes have zapped our energy and emptied our pocket books. And I love to help people disconnect from the lie that it’s their job to save the whole damn world. 

I spent ten years in paid church work, and I was a pastor when I nearly died by suicide. I needed a holistic approach to healing, which had to include help from outside the church walls. Once I recovered, I missed pastoral counseling experiences, and wondered if I could create a similar experience for people, separate from professional church work. 

Through blogging, I met others (i.e. former evangelicals) who were desperate for honest conversation, recovery from religious (and other types of) trauma, and longed for a fresh approach to personal faith. 

I completed life coach training in early 2017, and love that I’m now able to create my own schedule and embrace people with an out-of-the-box approach to healing.

I know just how lonely a life of spiritual uncertainty can feel inside certain faith communities. I am passionate to help those I work with feel seen, heard, and loved. The positive feedback I receive empowers me to keep doing this priceless soul work, and I would be honored to partner with you on the sacred journey from chaos to calm

My Master Plan

Social media has been twisted to polarize us, further reinforcing a tribal mentality. My master plan is to cultivate an online community for those recovering from toxic theology and other forms of trauma, providing encouragement, education, and empowerment for everyday life. 

This will include coaching/spiritual direction, courses, books, and tool kits, plus free resources that break down toxic theology, make self-care approachable, and share suicide prevention tips and tricks for those who are suffering (and the ones who love them, but aren’t sure how to help).

My Mantra

Grace is messy, love is free, and the journey to wholeness is paved with vulnerability.

Looking for More?

Each week, I offer 30-minute podcast conversations that are power-packed and focused on helping you catch your breath. Listen here.

I share compelling storytelling on vulnerability, messy grace, self-care, and mental wellness. Read here.

I’d love to invite you to join my online community of spiritual misfits, where we say “Everyone is Welcome,” and we mean it. Join here.

I offer mindset coaching and spiritual companionship. Learn more here.

I create downloadable resource guides, journals, and e-courses to help you rebuild your dignity, establish a life of self-care, and remind you of your belovedness. Browse the shop here.

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