From Pastor to a Psych Ward

By Steve Austin


From Pastor to a Psych Ward

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From Pastor to a Psych Ward: Recovery from a Suicide Attempt is Possible, an e-book by Steve Austin


Steve Austin was a pastor when he nearly died by suicide. Steve had survived childhood sexual abuse as a preschooler, but the effects rippled through his life for the next 25 years. After nearly 10 years as a youth pastor and worship leader, Steve was convinced that his only choice was to die by suicide.

But childhood sexual abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and an eventual suicide attempt were only the beginning of Steve Austin’s story. This book is for anyone who has hit rock bottom and is left wondering if recovery is possible. This story is all about life at the intersection of Christianity and mental health. You will find hope and raw truth in the pages of this memoir.

The suicide epidemic is squeezing the life out of our families, churches, and communities. Daily, people are falling victim to the lie that there is no hope or help for diseases of despair.

Suicide respects no one. It has snuffed out bright lights like Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, and Ernest Hemingway. But closer to home, suicide robs families of teenagers and grandparents, steals teachers and pastors from communities and takes mothers away from their infants. It is a gift to survive it, but for someone who has just survived a suicide attempt, it often feels like failure to be alive.

Steve Austin is a pastor who once attempted suicide because his brain has an illness, no different from heart disease or cancer. The stigma surrounding mental illness, especially in Christian communities, keeps people locked in prisons of shame, refusing to admit that they need help. Yes Christians can and do struggle with mental illness. People need to know that they are not alone, and you can still be a Christian and have a mental illness. Recovery from our darkest day is difficult, but Steve Austin is living proof that it is possible.

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