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Are Soul-Care Sessions Right for You?

Since I started offering soul-care sessions, I have been constantly blown away by the amount of trust people place in me. I'm meeting people for the first time,​ via phone or Zoom, and within the first ​few minutes, they begin to bare their souls, telling me about:

  • their one deep wound
  • their great sadness
  • the thing that makes them the maddest of all
  • that one hurdle they can’t seem to get over
Are Soul-Care Sessions Right for You?

Why Trust is So Important

I cannot think of a greater honor than to walk, arm-in-arm, with another human being, down the hallway of their memories: good, bad, or otherwise. To have someone invite me into their pain, to sit with another soul in a pile of ashes, to be allowed to hear their deepest fears and darkest secrets. Could there be anything else so grand in all the world?

Paul Young calls our stories, “holy ground”, and he’s absolutely right. Trusting someone else to experience our traumas, our joys, our greatest failures, our biggest accomplishments, and treat our story with the kindness, respect, and honor it deserves is ​a really big deal.

​It’s why my friend Sue says, "The greatest compliment you can give someone is to ask for their help."

Learning to trust starts earlier than you might think...

As an infant, before we even realize what is going on, we are exposed to our first opportunity to trust our caregivers. Parents, grandparents, childcare providers, etc. We trust them for our clothing, food, shelter, love, and all-around nurture.

But what caregiver does a perfect job? When mistakes are made, especially in our formative years, it chips away at our trust, bit by bit.

As we head off to school, we are given opportunities to trust (and many times, it’s complete strangers) to educate us, keep us safe from harm, continue to teach us right from wrong, and show us how to relate to others (whom we may or may not get along with).

Teachers may not always do a perfect job, and at times our confidence may be dinged and our feelings hurt, but the opportunity for trust is ever-present.

As teenagers and young adults, we enter a new dimension in the realm of trust: romance! We are given an opportunity to trust that another member of the human race - whom we find particularly attractive - will respect, cherish, love us, and be faithful.

Our hearts may be broken, our dreams shattered, and our pride crushed, but when it comes to love, we always have an opportunity to trust.

The older we become, the more we turn to doctors and healthcare professionals. We trust that they have our best interest at heart, that our health is their number-one concern. We trust the pros to find a particular problem and fix it.

​Trusting Through the Suck

It’s easy to trust when things are going well. That’s why the social media giant Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone loves to share their big news

  • a new car
  • a new baby
  • a new house
  • a new job
  • a new coffee cup
  • a new dog.

We trust that people will celebrate the good things with us.

But life isn't always easy is it?

It doesn’t always feel good. The human experience is ridden with potholes, low shoulders, dips, and hairpin curves. Maybe that's why the Bible is full of stories where the protagonist is forced to trust in the midst of insane circumstances.

You may not know what it’s like to live in the belly of a whale, but if you have ever hit rock bottom, I bet you've wondered if life could possibly get any worse. Perhaps you haven’t been locked in a den full of hungry lions for the night, but you know what it’s like to be stabbed in the back. I have never heard God say, “build an ark”, but I have stepped out in faith to take a job 4,000 miles from home​.

​Trusting Your Coach

Trust​. It’s not easy. 

But if you’re looking for someone who will walk beside you as you sift through the ashes, I’d be honored to be that person. If you need someone to hold your hand until the dust settles, ​​let's talk. If life seems heavy and overwhelming and unfair and you don’t even know how to begin to move on, I know I can help.

My soul-care sessions are ​rooted in trust, accountability, safety, and mutual respect. Maybe you just need someone to vent to, or you might need a pro to come in and help you ​design a self-care plan. No matter the situation, I am confident that together, we can do what seems impossible.

​Are Soul-Care Sessions Right for You?

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By Steve Austin

Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.