Get Your Name In My Book!

I've hinted around at it for a while on social media, but after I published this Op-ed with USA Today back in September, I have been offered TWO book deals!

And now you can help me and also get your name listed in the book(s)!

I’m excited about this offer because it’s my way to thank special partners who are committed to the very important work of faith AND mental health. 

Patrons who take advantage of this offer are going to love the fact that their legacy lives on for as long as this book is in print. PLUS, patrons at this level also get signed copies of these new books!

What are the Books?

  1. The first book is a resource for churches who want to cultivate vulnerability in safe community.
  2. The second book is a Christian mental wellness journal. Think Self-Care for the Wounded Soul, expanded from 21 entries all the way to 99!

The first is due out in May of 2021, followed by the second in the Fall.

This means I've got a LOT of writing to do. I'll be on social media far less for the next ten months, because each book is due to the publisher a full year before it's released.

​Can You Help Me?

I could really use your support over the next ten months, so I can focus all my time, creativity, and heart on writing these books.

Will you help?

SIX ways to support this work:

  1. Dedicate the New Book! You can choose to honor/memorialize someone who is particularly special to you. I'll even help you craft the perfect message! Only TWO slots available. $250/month
  2. Be in the Books! - Get a special "thank you" in the new book of your choice. Show all your friends that you're in a book!. $100/month
  3. Monthly 1-on-1 Catching Your Breath Call. - Each month, I'll hop on a private call with you for half an hour to discuss anything that's meaningful to you. Only 20 slots available! $50/month
  4. Early Access to the New Book! - Members at this tier will gain immediate access to an audio recording of the first draft of each chapter as I finish it. At least one chapter every-other-month. Only 100 slots available! $10/month
  5. Monthly Mental Wellness Resource - Each month, I'll send you a new downloadable resource. It could be a worksheet to track your mental health, or a tool to monitor your anxiety. Maybe a depression safety plan or a self-compassion journal. $5/month
  6. Join the Facebook Community - Whether you're a spiritual misfit or just looking for a soft place to land, you're welcome in our private Facebook community. $1/month

Your support over the next 10 months means so much to me. To be able to take a sabbatical from my job, in order to focus on the messages of these two books would be a God-send. We’ve lost too many to suicide already - these books can really help individuals and faith communities make a difference.

I hope these projects make you feel as inspired and hopeful as I am!

If you're interested in partnering with me, click this link to head over to my Patreon.

Thanks for your help in making these projects a reality!

​Thanks for your help.

What would happen if we actually showed up to our faith communities and shared honestly about our struggles, dysfunctions, doubts, and wounds?

What if we didn’t have to pretend any longer? 

What if the Church was a place of true belonging?

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