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Pastor: Not Sure How to Respond to Suffering? Start Here.

I’m not a theologian, my expertise comes only from personal suffering (as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a suicide attempt). But it seems to me that theology—at least the Western version of evangelical Christianity I’ve been steeped in—is as much about our views of self as it is our study of God. To […]

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Sermon: How to Be a Safe Church for People Who are Hurting On Sunday, January 26th, Steve Austin had the honor of speaking at Cambridge Community Church in Ontario, Canada. He talked about Hagar, and how churches can help people who are hurting to feel seen, heard, and accepted. Support Steve via Patreon. Read the blog.

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The Truth about Quaking Aspen, Legacy, & Oneness

I spent a week in a Quaking Aspen grove, and it changed my life.

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What to do when you are living your worst-case scenario

We may never know exactly who is living their worst-case scenario at any given moment, but we can safely assume that everyone around us is carrying a heavy load.

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How to Find Jesus When Life Sucks

A friend of mine sent me a message recently that read, “Life sucks.” And I responded, “Yep. It’s a promise from Jesus.”

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Jesus Taught Me That Compassion Can Look Like Outrage

We often read things about the blessed peacemakers. But when it came to broken people being exploited by the Church, the compassion of Jesus often presented as outrage. Jesus could be volatile in the face of injustice. He constantly reacted out of great compassion toward those in need of messy grace and radical hope.