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Love is the Organizing Center of All that Is

Rev. Ed Bacon says that Divine Love is alot like a mandala.

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Why Purposeful Demolition is Good for Me

A guest blog by Sara Sullins – “For the first time in my life, it was time to stop building. It was time to start something altogether new to me: purposefully demolishing. “

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God is Love. No, really.

God loves everyone. No exceptions. (Alternate title: The Gospel According to “The Greatest Showman”)

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Whoever Said it was Wrong to be Weak Sometimes?

When you feel about as strong as an eggshell, the first courageous thing you can do is to ask for help. Whoever said it was wrong to be weak sometimes?


Hope for the Forsaken: A Doxology in Darkness

I am grateful for the example Jesus lives out for us during his darkest night of the soul. He knows what a deadly cocktail despair and loneliness create. If you’re feeling forsaken, read this article for two things that can help.

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The Day Always Starts at Night

“Don’t you find it amazing, that the day always starts at night?” I wasn’t ready for the impllications of her question.


When Despair is a Killer

Jennifer Graham interviewed me recently for a story by the Deseret News. We talked about an epidemic that is sweeping our Nation: an epidemic of despair. Click here to read this compelling story.



The #ImStillHereBecause hashtag is trending on Twitter today. These things catch my eye because they open the door to share my story. And we’re all longing for someone to share their story and remind us that we’re not alone. This is my story.

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A Spiritual Misfit’s Journey: Faith Like Lego’s

My little boy is a Lego-maniac. He’s only six-years-old, but he’s got a brilliant imagination and is meticulous with the details. At least once a month, his grandmother takes him to a “build night” at the local Lego store. Forthe first few months, on build nights, Ben would get a small kit and follow the […]

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Hope for When Your Life Doesn’t Feel Normal

If you were to look at my life today – husband, father, and hard worker – you’d probably say it seems pretty typical. But my life hasn’t always been that way.