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Why My Kind of Coaching is Unique
May 22

What Makes My Kind of Life Coaching Unique

By Steve Austin | life coaching , Mental Health , Recovery , self-care , self-esteem , Self-help , Spirituality

Could you summarize your life’s work in only two or three words?In the coaching world, we’ve come up with all sorts of titles to try and capture our unique brand of coaching. Plenty of people use the generic “life coach,” but you might also see things like:Wellness coachSuccess coachLife strategistPerformance coachMindset coachEmpowerment coachBehavioral expertPersonal development […]

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6 Simple Tips for Snapping Out of a Funk
May 16

6 Simple Tips for Snapping Out of a Funk

By Steve Austin | catching your breath , Courses , Grief , life coaching , Mental Health , self-care , self-esteem , Self-help , stress management

​I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at some point in your life, you are going to get into a funk. Some call it a rut. Whatever it’s called, it​ doesn’t feel good, and you​’d probably avoid it if you could. However, you can get yourself out of the funk by using​ […]

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Apr 26

#AskSteveAustin Podcast: Dealing with Tension in Relationships

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , Current Events , faith , Family , Marriage , Mental Health , Parenting , Recovery

Relationships can be tough. When there is tension with the people you love, it can make connecting with someone you genuinely care about difficult. Whether it’s a friend, lover, loser, or leaver, the unpredictability of people makes relationships…interesting…at the very least. The latest episode of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast covers relationships, in all their glory. In this […]

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