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How to Stop Being Taken for Granted
Oct 06

Betrayed: How to Stop Being Taken for Granted

By Steve Austin | catching your breath , Family , Marriage , Parenting , relationships , self-esteem , Self-help

“I suppose that since most of our hurts come through relationships so will our healing…”- Paul YoungDo you remember the last time someone broke your heart? Was it today? Last week? If it was deep heartache, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was; you likely haven’t forgotten.I recently received an email from someone walking through […]

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Dealing with Difficult People
May 19

Difficult People: Identify, Strategize, Implement

By Guest Blogger | catching your breath , guest post , life coaching , Mental Health , podcast , relationships , self-care , Self-help , stress management

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice, and motivated by pride and vanity.”- Dale CarnegieIdentify:It’s not hard to identify who rubs you the wrong way. You feel it in your heart as your beats per minute increase when they’re around. […]

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Jun 19

What if My Church Mess is All in My Head?

By Guest Blogger | #ConfessYourChurchMess , faith , Recovery , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

I don’t know about you, but I have a vivid imagination. So much so that I can create heartache where there isn’t any. If you Googled the term “negative forecasting”, I think you’d see my headshot.   I come about this trait honestly as I have been dealt a pretty crappy hand and the fallout […]

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May 02

Recovery and Jesus – The Truth

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , Recovery , Recovery from a Suicid... , Recovery from Abuse , Recovery from Porn Add... , Religious Recovery

Since I’ve begun sharing how I went from being a pastor to being hospitalized in a psych ward, people often ask about my recovery. Everyone wants to know if there is a single solution. Where does the magic lie? How do they get their own lives (or their loved ones’) back? Or, as others have […]

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Apr 26

#AskSteveAustin Podcast: Dealing with Tension in Relationships

By Steve Austin | Ask Steve Austin , Current Events , faith , Family , Marriage , Mental Health , Parenting , Recovery

Relationships can be tough. When there is tension with the people you love, it can make connecting with someone you genuinely care about difficult. Whether it’s a friend, lover, loser, or leaver, the unpredictability of people makes relationships…interesting…at the very least. The latest episode of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast covers relationships, in all their glory. In this […]

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3 Myths of the Pinterest-Perfect Marriage
Apr 01

3 Myths of the Pinterest-Perfect Marriage

By Lindsey Austin | Best of Messy Grace , Family , Marriage

Our wedding day was perfect – if by perfect you mean borrowed folding chairs from the Baptist church and a catering team that consisted of grandmothers, aunts, and best friends. We were so busy dancing and mingling that we didn’t even get to eat our own wedding potluck. After the guests dispersed, we sent my husband’s best friend down the street to Subway, the only place still open in rural Alabama at that time of day, for a sandwich and chips.
In the nine years since that day, my husband and I have loved hard, fought hard, and earned some hard-won wisdom along the way. But I still love to browse Pinterest, and in doing so, I’ve found 3 myths of the Pinterest-perfect marriage.

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Jun 27

Dealing with Dysfunctional Families: How to Make Strong Fences

By Steve Austin | Family , Recovery

We expect certain people, based on their title and role in our lives, to always know how to love us well. But that’s not usually the case. Those closest to us often hurt us the most. And if you choose, as I have, not to walk away from those relationships, you have to draw strong boundaries.
People can confuse emotional intimacy with honoring your parents. Your parents can love you and not know part of you. Just because a person is in your family, doesn’t mean they have access to every part of your life.

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