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How to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed? Hint: The busier you are, the MORE you need some commitment-free time.

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8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness with Self-Care

​To say that 2020 has been exhausting is the understatement of the year. As I write this, we’re in the throes of social distancing, isolation, and even quarantine. Because of Covid-19, 2020 hasn’t just been exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming: for 100,000 people in the United States and 350,000 people worldwide, 2020 has been deadly. Maybe you […]

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The Secret to Loving Yourself

The Secret to Loving YourselfYou’re probably familiar with self-help books and talk show hosts who tell you to love yourself. Heck, it’s something I talk about frequently. But you may be wondering how to actually go about loving yourself.While your relationship with yourself is the most important connection in your life, it’s easy to forget […]

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How to Stop Drowning in Busyness

For Lent, I’m Giving Up Busyness and Numbing BehaviorsMy muscles tighten as I read the word “busyness”, despite it having been my comfortable state of being for as long as I can remember.  “How are you?”, they’d ask.  “Busy, but good!”, I’d say. This was my compulsive (yet, honest) response for decades, coupled with having bought the lie that my […]

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Free Download: Self-Care for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Self-Care for Your Mind, Body, and SoulIf you’ve been following my work for very long, you know I’m passionate about self-care. I truly believe it saves lives. ​In fact, I created a self-care toolkit, if you’re looking for more. Why? Because self-care isn’t just about stress-management. The benefits of self-care impact your mind, body, and […]

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13 Favorite Quotes from Catching Your Breath

Catching Your Breath is the most clear I have ever been about who I am and what I believe about things like faith, mental health, and self-care. Here’s a few of my favorite quotes from the new book.

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What to do When You Feel Like just the Shell of a Person

Have you ever felt about as strong as an eggshell? Me too.

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Hope for When Your Life Doesn’t Feel Normal

If you were to look at my life today – husband, father, and hard worker – you’d probably say it seems pretty typical. But my life hasn’t always been that way.

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3 Simple Ways to Start a Sabbath Practice

I am a fledgling sabbath-keeper. Though I’ve written a book about it, embraced my 52 chances per year to practice it, and have even preached it, I am a less-than-perfect sabbatarian. And that’s OK. But Americans think we have to be the best at everything. As my friend Rev. Elizabeth Hagan writes, “I’m a better […]

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Self-Care for Church Workers. Step One: Breathe.

Ten years of ministry really took a toll on me. I’m not supposed to admit that, right? But it’s the truth. And it’s about more than just the politics of religion. It’s not just about the back door meetings or the working to appease the tiny group of members that makes up the largest number […]