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What is Life Coaching? And How Can It Help You?

If you’re considering working with a life coach for the first time, it can be a little confusing, and downright scary. When I started working with coaching clients in 2017, I quickly learned that life coaching is a pretty misunderstood concept. In this brief article, I hope to clarify my role as a coach, plus list several key benefits for you as an individual. 

What is Life Coaching? And How Can it Help You?

What is Life Coaching?

To be honest, I’ve struggled with calling myself a “life coach” since the beginning. Sleazy marketing and empty or vague promises from some of my peers have added to the confusion around the role and ability of a life coach.

At various times, I’ve called myself a:

  • Life coach
  • Wellness coach
  • Mindset coach
  • Spiritual director

Each title listed above is accurate, based on the deep soul work I do with my clients, but how do you condense those concepts into just a word or two? My brand of coaching is focused on your mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I’m not a business coach or a lifestyle coach. I’m not a guru or a shaman. 

So maybe you think of me as a:

  • Mentor
  • Strategist
  • Advisor
  • Guide

Each of those concepts works, too. But no matter how you label my coaching practice, it is my personal experience as a former pastor, mental health advocate, and trained life coach, that set me apart as someone who focuses on helping you embrace wholeness in each area of your life.

Myths about Life Coaching

One common misconception is that working with a coach means there's something wrong with you. This isn’t true at all! While it may not be for everyone, life coaching can be beneficial to most people at challenging points in their lives, or simply for people who are ready to stop following the status quo and want to elevate their life to the next level.

Although it's important to recognize that life coaching is not a miracle cure for every situation, it does make a difference in thousands of lives around the world each day. If you find that you have uncomfortable feelings or "stuck" places in your life, you may very well benefit from this kind of inner work.

7 Ways Life Coaching Can Help You:

  1. Get an objective viewpoint. Open communication with your friends and loved ones is usually a good idea; however, there are times when you might find it more comforting and safe to share your feelings with an unbiased third party who is trained and objective.
  2. Understand what you’re feeling. Many times, people start coaching feeling confused and not really able to identify their emotions. A life coach can assist you in recognizing your feelings. 
    • My life coaching process of embracing wholeness helps you explore particularly troubling emotions and resolve them.
  3. Learn to appropriately communicate how you feel to others. Being able to share honest, genuine feelings using more effective communication can enrich your relationships and help you succeed in your endeavors.
    • Once you learn to pay more attention to your feelings and share them with others, you'll get more of what you want from life, whatever that may be.
    • Plus, your life is more fulfilling when you live based on how you truly feel.
  4. Getting coaching can be a freeing, stress-relieving experience. After all, how many times do you have an opportunity to say whatever you want however you want with no repercussions later?
    • It's possible to liberate yourself from psychological pain by talking with a coach.
    • Coaching is a safe place to vent your negative feelings. Whether you're feeling scared, hurt, angry, lonely, or other negative emotions, you can share it with your coach and take a load off your chest. For many, coaching is a sanctuary when they're feeling overwhelmed with negativity in their life. This makes life coaching a great stress reliever!
  5. It's all about you. When you work with your coach, the session is focused on your benefit. Your time with a life coach is all about you. You can say whatever you want. 
    • You don't have to worry about being judged by the coach, as all professional coaches are trained to keep their personal feelings out of it.
  6. Gain valuable insights. When you talk about yourself with someone who's nonjudgmental and objective, you're truly tuned in to the moment and what you're saying.
    • Life coaching provides a chance for you to hear yourself talk and share your own personal struggles and desires. 
    • It may sound odd, but my coaching clients frequently have "aha" moments about something they shared. This is because you already have the answers you’re looking for inside yourself. A good life coach will simply help you dig to find that deep, personal wisdom.
    • Your coach will ask questions that encourage you to examine your current situation more thoroughly. After all, life is complex. Through this process, you can discover your motives and learn to understand yourself better.
    • Developing insight and awareness into your feelings empowers you to set priorities about what's most important to you and make choices that enable you to live the life you truly seek.
  7. Bring out your strengths. With life coaching, you can develop or gain confidence in your capacity to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Seeing a life coach can be one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself. Most likely, you'll experience less stress and feel more satisfied and content with your life after participating in coaching. If you find yourself struggling emotionally, or simply feeling “stuck” at this phase in your life, I know from experience that life coaching can help.

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By Steve Austin

Steve Austin is an author, speaker, and life coach who is passionate about helping overwhelmed people learn to catch their breath. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, "Catching Your Breath," and "From Pastor to a Psych Ward." Steve lives with his wife and two children in Birmingham, Alabama.