My Church Isn't Safe. What Can I Do?
Mar 09

PODCAST: My Church Isn’t Safe. What Can I Do?

By Steve Austin | Bible study , catching your breath , empathy , faith , Mental Health , podcast , Religious Recovery , The Struggle With Church

In episode 41 of Catching Your Breath: The Podcast, Steve Austin walks through the Bible with a look at church safety, plus a discussion on the characteristics of a safe church leader. This episode also includes stories and advice from real-life people who have been wounded by the church.Support the show via Patreon.Is your church […]

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I am giving up the need to be right.
Mar 08

I am Giving Up the Need to Be Right

By Guest Blogger | guest post , Self-help

My dad had plans. As a high school student in the early 1950s in rural Arkansas, he worked to save money for college, joined the Arkansas National Guard, and pinched pennies. He was going to be a lawyer. Turns out, his family needed him to support them financially. While he did earn his degree, law school never happened. But he […]

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I'm Giving Up Self-Contempt (And So Can You!)
Mar 03

I’m Giving Up Self-Contempt (And So Can You!)

By Steve Austin | empathy , guest post , Mental Health , self-care , self-esteem

For Lent, I’m giving up self-contempt.Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay”You’re not enough. No one even likes you. You always screw it up. When will you get your act together?”  Are you well acquainted, like I am, with this internal voice that berates, accuses, and condemns?This is the voice of self-contempt. It is the root of […]

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Why You Don't Have to Be Ashamed of Your Feelings
Mar 01

No. You Don’t Have to Be Ashamed of Your Feelings.

By Guest Blogger | Mental Health , self-care , stress management

​For Lent, I am giving up emotional shaming.Image by Alexas_Fotos from PixabayNo. You Don’t Have to Be Ashamed of Your Feelings.With far too much frequency, I catch myself in the moment following an emotional reaction having a second emotional reaction. I get angry about something–some violation, some injustice, some attack on my pride–and a moment […]

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3 Meaningful Things to Give Up for Lent
Feb 29

3 Meaningful Things to Give Up for Lent

By Steve Austin | Current Events , faith

​For the Lenten season, I’ve invited some of my friends to join me in sharing one thing we could give up each day, in order to live a better life. Here are 3 meaningful things to give up for lent:YesterdayGiving up anything can be painful. You may need to let go of a person or […]

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Why We Still Look for the Resurrection of the Dead
Feb 23

Why We Look for the Resurrection of the Dead

By Steve Austin | Bible study , Courses , faith , Messy Grace , Religious Recovery , self-care

​I am the about least likely person to be hosting ​a 40-day online program for Lent. My family is ​brand-spankin-new to the Episcopal Church. I was raised Baptist, and then spent years in the Assemblies of God denomination. The only lint we talked about was in your dryer or belly button. But I digress. According to EpiscopalChurch.org, […]

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How Devastating Loss Led to Freedom
Feb 23

How Devastating Loss Led to Ultimate Freedom

By Guest Blogger | faith , Family , Marriage , Mental Health , My Very Worst Day (series) , Recovery from Abuse

It was Thanksgiving morning, and I was standing in the shower, escaping for a moment into a world of hot water and steam. My morning shower had become my last refuge.Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay​Devastating Loss. Ultimate Freedom.I was no stranger to loss. In fact, loss seemed to be a fairly constant companion in […]

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Why Psychological Safety is at the Core of Love
Feb 17

Why Psychological Safety is at the Core of Love

By Steve Austin | faith , Mental Health , Messy Grace , Religious Recovery

“…as counselors and neuroscientists continue to confirm, the ability to shape a narrative from your experiences, and to connect your story to a greater one, is essential for developing empathy, a sense of purpose, and well-being.”—Rachel Held Evans, InspiredImage by PublicDomainPictures from PixabayHide and SeekGrowing up in a small town in rural Alabama, my first […]

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Raped but Not Destroyed: Recovery from My Worst Day
Feb 09

Raped but Not Destroyed: Recovering from My Worst Day

By Guest Blogger | My Very Worst Day (series) , Recovery , Recovery from Abuse

I could write an altogether exhausting essay on how at seventeen I was raped – how I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and his two friends, in an act of violence and an act most definitely not consensual. Or I could write an essay on how that same night when I was at my […]

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Feb 07

Video: Playing Sardines with God

By Steve Austin | faith , Mental Health , Recovery from a Suicid... , Recovery from Abuse , Videos

Is your church a safe space for people who are hurting? On Sunday, January 26th, I had the honor of sharing my story of surviving childhood sexual abuse and a suicide attempt. In addition to sharing my story, I challenged the church to become a safe place for people who are hurting – imploring us […]

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